About Us

Based in Hampshire, Land Profits have built up a profound reputation for helping our clients gain the best value for their land in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

From the starting point of Land Profits, a profound reputation has been built on creating well suited family homes that are built to the best standards and located in the most desirable locations.

We have been sourcing land with and without planning for 15+ years for a range of small and larger businesses. We have taken the positives from each company on our journey and put them all together building Land Profits.

Our aim by doing this is to provide you with something no one else can, leaving yourself with nothing less than clarity and assurance.

Making our clients happy whilst putting smiles on the faces of others that buy our homes being their first property to retirement homes is why we go that extra mile.

Our Vision

Land Profits have always had the vision to provide the best service to its clients and community due to its heavy focus on relationships. When it comes to figuring out the suitability of a plot, many factors are taken into consideration, including the land owners wants and needs as well as how the development will affect the community as a whole.

Land Profits has built a large trusted database of strong established connections throughout the property development industry so we are able to gain the best knowledge on every site we look at. We are committed to working closely with land owners and agents throughout the UK to create sustainable developments in which people wish to live.

We work hard with vendors to accumulate maximum value from their land, we also recognise the land owners needs and aspirations differ, so we give careful thought to the process and to the structure of the transaction in order to match their personal expectations.

Land Required

Land Profits are always seeking new land opportunities, we are looking for new potential land deals without planning permission in the South East of England, however, have the ability to take on sites with planning permission to enter into construction and add to our development portfolio. No development is too big or too small, so if you think you may have a piece of land or site that you would like a free no obligation assessment carried out, please do get in contact, we would love to hear from you.

If you are thinking of selling some land please contact us at info@land-profits.co.uk


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